Jalbrook Estate Gardens

Work on the gardens at Jalbrook started 16 years ago and continues to expand and evolve. What started out as individual alpaca paddocks have now been transformed into beautiful garden ‘rooms’. The alpacas were relocated to new paddocks and work started on the layout of the new gardens. Paulownia trees had been planted as stock feed trees and gave shade and structure. The bonus was the beautiful flowers and perfume of these big trees when they flower in spring.

Garden beds were created, many using the ‘no dig’ or ‘lasagne’ method of gardening. Thousands of bulbs were planted along with azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and many flowering and deciduous trees to create a parkland effect.  The gardens are dotted with interesting old farm machinery pieces, and beautiful sculptures.

A rose garden was added in 2011 with climbing Pierre de Ronsard roses interspersed with weeping standard white roses planted around a huge gazebo that is used for sit down dinner concerts and weddings. The gardens are continually changing and are open to the public with events, weddings and concerts held over the year.  Our guests enjoy wandering the gardens and watching the wonderful variety of birds.